Run your UI tests in a real browser

Easy Setup & Debug

Just click your mouse, define locators and your tests steps are ready

Build Your Templates

Use templates feature to build your own UI tests library for the project!

Regression Testing

UI QAProvider is a tool for regression testing the visual appearance of web pages

Easy Setup & Debug

UI QAProvider uses a headless browser to execute your tests. It is easy to setup tests steps and use it on a regular basis. Run debug session, do the changes until your test is success.

Build Your Templates

Template is a set of test steps that you usually do to test a web site. For example: all tests for account profiles settings requires do a login on the web site under specific account. Passing a login form procedure is a right candidate to build a template.

Regression Testing

You can run tests manually or use the Continuous Integration feature. Just send a GET request to a specific URL to run your tests and wait for results on email!

What people are saying...

Chunhua O.

"UI QAProvider is amazing. I have no experience how to write the code to automate testing process. This tool gives me an ability to do this with no lines of code! Just a small knowledge of CSS needed and that is it. Setup tests is very easy."

David P.

"This is fantastic tool! Thanks so much guys! Continuous Integration feature is very useful and easy to use! Trial licence is fully enough for my activities!"

Teresa S.

"Thanks so much for making this tool available to us! I do a freelance job as a web developer and for me it is very important to test my code. I cannot afford independent tester for this task. Now I use this tool to automate the testing process. It is very cool!"

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